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We do not fit the stereotypical author profiles.
We like heavy metal, epic movies, video games, and high octane, in-your-face, full throttle materials.
Many of us have a dark mindset, others are just wild and scattered, and some may or may not need an attitude adjustment.
But that's just the way we like it.
Raw, real, harsh to some, but an epic home for our ilk.

Some of us you may not have discovered until the moment you set your digital foot into this space, but we have bound together a group to prove that quality writing isn't restricted to genre-favoritism and big-publishing.

Our philosophy:
If you like a Thriller written by a badass, chances are, if that badass wrote a Fantasy, you'd like it too. So, if another badass with similar a mindset wrote a fantasy, we believe you may just enjoy that too.

Genre is now irrelevant in this new publishing world.

Instead, we take a good long look at the people behind these stories, and suggest you read them based on who they are; not what genre they write.
Because a badass book is a badass book no matter where it lands on the shelves!
This is because their authors share badass interests and have similar mindsets...Mindsets like your own!

Many of us aren't even "just writers," but artists in a variety of forms.

Here, you fans of the badass slice of life we all thoroughly enjoy, will have a source for new and unexpected originality, and a powerful, ever-expanding collection of soulful stories by badass people.

But more than just books; you will find more about the artists themselves than you might find in other blogs.
We give you their social media, home pages, distribution and the like, so you can connect with some of the most accessible, badass writers out there."
~M. P. and all the Badasses

...Welcome to our second home...

Friday, June 6, 2014

New Release from Badass Author M.P. Ness!

The Blight has begun!
BA Author and Admin, M.P. Ness' second novel, "E.L.F. Vol.2 Blighted Leaves", is now LIVE to the world (on CreateSpace and Kindle already)!
But, the Contest to win a Nook Color($140 value) has begun as well!

Blighted Leaves

~Against all odds, Shannon Hunter, the Lady White Leaves, has vanquished the interminable Powers that be, and spared mankind total genocide at the hands of the elves...
Yet the Cataclysm brought on by the Elvine proved unstoppable. The world has awakened to a potential utopia, and the Tree of Life has charged Shannon with the impossible task of achieving world peace.
But the Tree is changing; true Demons are rising as a new bough bearing Blighted Leaves arises; and a sect of Men has returned from the forgotten annals of history to resurrect the E.L.F. banner and dethrone the Elvine.
An unending Faewar looms on the horizon. 
Peace never comes without a price.
Sometimes the cost may be all that we cherish. 
Sometimes it is the one we love.
And to fight for it...is to be alone.

Oh, and for this, his second novel release, M.P. Ness has something special planned. 
Prize: Nook Color ($140 Value)

Here's the skinny:
Easy as 1, 2, 3!
1: eBook purchase of E.L.F.: White Leaves and/or E.L.F. Blighted Leaves gets you 1 entry to raffle (each)!
2: Paperback purchase of White Leaves and/or Blighted Leaves gets you 3 entries to raffle (each)!
3: Leaving a Review of either book on Amazon, gets you an additional 2 entries (each)!

Simply do screen grabs of your proof of purchase pages, and send them to M.P. Ness @ www.facebook.com/authormpness or to email michaelpness@gmail.com and you will be entered with the appropriate number of entries.
Available here first! - https://www.createspace.com/4696862
(More links coming as soon as Amazon gets it together.)
(*Prize available to US residents only*)
(*Contest Ends July 30th 2014!*)
(*Winner to be chosen At Random draw from a good ol' fashioned hat*)

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