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Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Badass Reviews - "The Darkness of the Womb"

Badass Author of the "EPIC" series, Justin Osborne drops his thoughts on "The Darkness of the Womb" by Badass Author, Richard B. Knight

"Aiden Haunt is fated to become the next Messiah, but there's a problem. Aiden wants absolutely nothing to do with his destiny, so he decides to cast himself from the Tree of Life. In effect, attempting pre-natal suicide. Thus begins the quest to convince Aiden to want to be born to accept his destined role in the future of humanity.

But be warned, this tale is bleak, with nary a puppy or rainbow to be found, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I absolutely love the feel of this story; dark, bleak, and just a wee bit twisted - a highly original concept executed masterfully by Mr. Knight.

The story starts with Aiden's soon-to-be Father, Jeff Haunt, a middle-aged high-school teacher in an inner city hellhole, very nearly broke, and on the knife's edge of losing his job. The only glimmer of hope in his life is the impending birth of his long awaited first child, but Jeff's whole world comes crashing down on him after a series of misfortunes, and both he and his wife suddenly find themselves cast into The Internal Landscape to 'save' their son.

This book gets an EPIC 5 stars from me, and I very much look forward to reading more from Mr. Knight." 

(5 Stars)

Rich Knight's first in the BA library is only $0.99 on Amazon! Get it!

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