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Sunday, December 22, 2013

New Release from Badass Author, J. L. Hickey!

Today, just before Christmas, I get to share with you the second release in the Secret Seekers Society series by Badass Author, J. L. Hickey.
Yes, I know I've been lax on the updates and posting here at BA. It's a condition of authorism. I get busy.

But I'm very happy to get this news out here for you all!
With 4 days till Christmas, now is the perfect time anyway!
If you're still looking for a great read to get a young or adult fantasy reader for christmas at a price that's well worth the prize, look no further!

"Secret Seekers Society: Solomon's Seal" by J. L. Hickey is already getting great reviews, having been released only Dec. 4th! And its only $2.99!

"Get ready for another epic adventure as we follow Hunter, Elly, and all of their friends as their journey continues into the world of the supernatural and unknown!

Directly following book one, The Beast of Bladenboro, the children start their new lives as future members of the Secret Seekers Society! But first, the children have to go through six years of training, known only as the 'Enlightenment'.

What will the children learn about in the first years? What new friends with they meet?

The story delves deeper into the spiritual realm of the paranormal, this time around. Learning about a magical and ancient ring known as Solomon's Seal(the book's namesake), known to grant its wearer the ability to speak to animals and spirits. The children must decide if playing with the spiritual realm, and potentially speaking to their late parents one last time is worth the risk of putting their souls in danger.

With rumors spreading that their parents were 'double agents' and working with the evil Aten Corp., the children are desperate for answers.

Ist the ring real? Does it truly grant its wearer such powers? Or does Solomon's Seal hide a deeper evil?

Get ready for the ride of your life, as nothing is ever as it seems inside the Belmonte Estate. If you though there were secrets abound in the first book, just wait until the children unravel even more of the mansion's history, the origin of Professor Calenstine, his relationship with Aten Corp. and the truth about the mysteries of the world.

...It's called the 'enlightenment' for a reason..."

Get it on Amazon Now!

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