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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Badass Reviews - "Song of Simon"

Badass Authors Admin, and author of "E.L.F. Vol. 1 White Leaves," M. P. Ness has read, and enjoyed, Badass Author, C. A. Sanders' "Song of Simon"

~"Song of Simon," very much caught me by surprise in a variety of ways. It has a power and subtlety laced within a story comprised of some familiar, and common plot devices. This makes it all the more evoking. Sanders manages to create something decidedly 'his own' using these familiar strokes. And that, from me, is saying a great deal.

Simon, our hero, is an unfortunate youth, living an unfortunate life; but it is a life with which many may feel connected to. Musically gifted, Simon is a meek one; pestered by bullies, both in his home and at school. I found him sympathetic immediately.

He is transported to another world, rife with magic. This is a common mechanism for contemporary fantasy. However, the world building and system Sanders executed in his alternate world, are unique in a number of ways. I will not spoil anything, but I must say it was a refreshing twist on religious powers belonging to a different world all its own. Not at all tied to our own, oft poorly conceived and surely misguided, religious systems.
Not saying its anti-religious, exactly, but it doesn't pull any punches; which leads me into my favorite remark to make.

Sanders' writing style is familiar to me. In his execution of his Serial Fiction, "The Watchmage of Old New York" available at JukePopSerials.com, I could tell he had chops...and the intangible inventive something that makes a great writer. He debuts in novel publication with Song of Simon and exhibits not only the same chops, but more of them. By holding nothing back and writing honestly, Sanders puts together a series of dynamic characters and a fantastic world, and absolutely takes no prisoners.
It's just a Badass story.

I love saying that.

It has a few twists, which I didn't see coming, and a few moments of exposure a lesser author might have shied away from...if not entirely...then at least in some marginal way that would have left the scenes in question with less impact than they struck me with.

I seriously recommend giving it a read. You'll be pleasantly surprised what can be done with a stranger-in-a-strange land, coming of age, magical story. The commentaries in the subtext target a variety of topics, and I encourage you to look for them.

The Cons?
Editing. Only editing. Which is somewhat confusing/amusing for a book released by a house, Damnation Books. This isn't a bash on the book, and it takes very little away from the story or the writing style. I just thought a house would have better representation in the Editing department.

Now, I'm also not saying there are so many editorial mistakes as to be troublesome. In fact, there were only just enough for me not to ignore them entirely, and omit them from my review.

However, there is a bright side.

Sanders has since gone through and re-edited, and the house has taken a new look. Happily, I get to tell you, its going to be even better, and is re-releasing.

Overall, this is a five-star fantasy.

But, given the editorial issues, I had to dock it just a lil bit in the form which I got the privilege to read it."

Four-and-a-Half out of Five stars!

(Five Stars, very likely, after re-release/re-edits)

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