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We do not fit the stereotypical author profiles.
We like heavy metal, epic movies, video games, and high octane, in-your-face, full throttle materials.
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But that's just the way we like it.
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Our philosophy:
If you like a Thriller written by a badass, chances are, if that badass wrote a Fantasy, you'd like it too. So, if another badass with similar a mindset wrote a fantasy, we believe you may just enjoy that too.

Genre is now irrelevant in this new publishing world.

Instead, we take a good long look at the people behind these stories, and suggest you read them based on who they are; not what genre they write.
Because a badass book is a badass book no matter where it lands on the shelves!
This is because their authors share badass interests and have similar mindsets...Mindsets like your own!

Many of us aren't even "just writers," but artists in a variety of forms.

Here, you fans of the badass slice of life we all thoroughly enjoy, will have a source for new and unexpected originality, and a powerful, ever-expanding collection of soulful stories by badass people.

But more than just books; you will find more about the artists themselves than you might find in other blogs.
We give you their social media, home pages, distribution and the like, so you can connect with some of the most accessible, badass writers out there."
~M. P. and all the Badasses

...Welcome to our second home...

Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Badass Reviews - "E.L.F. - White Leaves"

"E.L.F. vol.1 White Leaves" by Badass Author, M. P. Ness
As Reviewed by resident Badass Author, Joshua Thornbrugh

"E.L.F. White Leaves is a wonderful modern fairytale that is sure to delight fantasy and action fans alike. This book literally has it all: rogue activists, government agents, elves and epic battles. But the truly remarkable thing about White Leaves is the lyrical prose and the in-depth, well thought out mythos of the story world. There is such depth here that it is very easy to accept the fantastical elements as truth, and to me, that's what makes a great story.

I can't recommend it enough. There are so many delights waiting to be discovered, so don't wait, get started on your journey."

Five out of Five Stars!

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