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Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Badass Reviews - "Otherworld Prophecies: Starving Blades"

"Otherworld Prophecies: Starving Blades" by resident Badass Author, Natasha A. Wetzel
~As Reviewed by Badass Author, Michael Loring.

"Starving Blades is the first book in Author Natasha Wetzel's series Otherworldly Prophecies, telling the tale of Angelique "Angel" Le'Count; a half-blood angel who carries out the work of God by doing battle with the many foes before him...or, at least, he used to.

Angel has fallen into despair after the abrupt departure of his girlfriend Kira. He has turned to the bottle to ease his woes, favoring vodka over actual resolution. He has lived for centuries, but nothing prepared him for a broken heart, not even his War Spirit Sarre who was part of the problem. After six months he becomes fed up with his deteriorating life and goes to find Kira in hopes of winning her back.

What he encounters was much more than he bargained for.

I don't want to give too much away from this book, because there is so much in it that deserves to be discovered. Natasha Wetzel's style of writing is a unique one, and brilliant beyond most others. Her characters are fascinating and relatable on different levels, even if a few are maniacs who are obsessed with cookies. She creates a world where mankind is just a roommate to all the other creatures/beings that are out there. Angels, Demons, Half-Breeds, Were-Animals (or "Shift Shaman") and possibly so much more. The details are so intricate and expansive your head might spin at first, but with Natasha's writing style you very quickly catch on and grow eager to learn more of this new world full of fascinating characters and interesting storylines.

Angel is a very deep character, cynical to a fault, trying to redeem his alcoholic ways in order to win back the love of his very long life, he is definitely a main character worth following. You end up caring for this character more than you expected early on. I personally felt bad for him throughout the first half of the novel, when everything was just in shambles around him and he was fighting desperately to piece it all back together. I rooted for him, and I was not disappointed with how the book ended.
Deeply philosophical, excellently executed, and terrifically written, Starving Blades is destined to go places!

Five out of Five stars!"

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