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Genre is now irrelevant in this new publishing world.

Instead, we take a good long look at the people behind these stories, and suggest you read them based on who they are; not what genre they write.
Because a badass book is a badass book no matter where it lands on the shelves!
This is because their authors share badass interests and have similar mindsets...Mindsets like your own!

Many of us aren't even "just writers," but artists in a variety of forms.

Here, you fans of the badass slice of life we all thoroughly enjoy, will have a source for new and unexpected originality, and a powerful, ever-expanding collection of soulful stories by badass people.

But more than just books; you will find more about the artists themselves than you might find in other blogs.
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~M. P. and all the Badasses

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Badass Reviews - "E.L.F. - White Leaves"

"E.L.F. vol.1 White Leaves" by Badass Author, M. P. Ness
As Reviewed by resident Badass Author, Natasha Wetzel

"This book is wonderful!

The beginning drew me in with no effort at all. I was wrapped up in this tale, and ate it up hungrily.

The descriptions, wonderful. The conversations, believable. The ending, mind blowing!

I loved it.

From 70% on in the novel I was reading so close to the kindle that I had folks making fun of me in my home. Usually, I am one to make a snippy comment to hush them up, but because I would have had to stop reading to do so, it went undone. I loved the book, I loved the way it was written, and furthermore, none of it was silly or unbelievable.

As a fantasy novel, it did everything that it was supposed to do, and the modern elements that played their parts didn't make everything in the book less believable or take away from the fantasy portions. I followed easily, and loved all of it!

I would recommend this to everyone!"

Five of Five Stars!

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